Data & BI
Datamin makes your data talk
Datamin - Data observability for modern B2B operations | Product Hunt
Facilitate data-driven culture
in your organization
Use real-time alerts
to backtrack errors and find out which data provoked them.
Free your system
from broken data caused by bugs and human errors
real-time data-driven decision-making.
Ensure consistency and integrity
of your data to avoid it breaking your BI Reports and training models.
Save time
on cleaning of data-sets and investigating what could have caused data loss.
Check what our clients are saying
Datamin helps us bridge the gap between data and business. Our business team is finally able to operate data-driven.
Lars Klein
While reading this page you keep paying extra costs for not having data monitoring
Other use cases
Get full control on your payment operations with a user-friendly powerful framework for workflows
Comply with regulations and prevent any legal issues that can be caused by broken data
Get full control on your operational processes with a user-friendly powerful framework for workflows