Make your
data act
Data changes frequently. We enable your data and ops teams to configure data expectations and automate actions based on the status of it.
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of workers say they could safe 6 or more hours a week with automation
of data collected today has lost some, or even all, its business, legal or regulatory value
of companies still use manual processes for monitoring, changes, exceptions and disruptions
and that’s a minimal cost they pay every month for fixing the consequences
Meet Datamin.
A no-code data observability in action
repetitive manual data checks, validations and business alerts
KPIs, SLAs, and expectations from data generated by your applications or coming from 3rd-party data providers
Immediately notify stakeholders about improvements, incidents and other positive or negative data changes.
Discover hidden data insights and quickly build automated processes around it.
Take a look at our detailed use cases
Get complete control of your payment operational processes, open banking data, PEP/Sanction checks and KYC results
Use Datamin as a dynamic layer for monitoring and reporting on top of your static databases
Automate your daily manual work with our powerful framework for monitoring and reporting
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What our customers say about Datamin
Datamin helps us bridge the gap between data and business. Our business team is finally able to operate data-driven.
Lars Klein
What industries is Datamin made for?
Any ops-heavy or regulated industry can benefit from using Datamin. FinTech, HealthTech, EnsuranceTech, E-commerce, Quick-commerce, Security, and Compliance. But not only.
Which departments can benefit from using Datamin?
Operations, Engineering, Data, Product, Revenue, Sales, Customer success. Any department which wants to make decisions more data-driven
How does the integration process with Datamin look like?
Pretty easy actually. Just connect Datamin to your source of data and start automating tasks using our powerful UI for workflows
Do I need to have the technical expertise to use Datamin?
Not at all. The only tech skills are required to connect Datamin to your data source. Afterwards the product is 100% no-code.
Is it possible to integrate Datamin into the existing software stack in the organization?
Yes, Datamin is designed to fit the existing data stack without a need to replace anything.
Can Datamin’s workflows be triggered from the outside via API?
Yes, we do have an API for it. You can configure OAuth 2.0 client in your account.
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