Make your
data act
Real-time and no-code workflows
for your daily data tasks.

Superpowered by AI, SQL, Python, and Kafka.
of workers say they could save 6 or more hours a week with automation
of data collected today has lost some, or even all, its business value
of companies still use manual processes for monitoring, changes, incidents, exceptions, and disruptions
and that’s a minimal cost they pay every month for fixing the consequences
Imagine if ChatGPT and Zapier had a baby and raised it in the no-code and real-time environment.

Meet Datamin!
Why real-time?
Business Intelligence is typically focused on visualizing large volumes of historical data. And that’s great but having only that is not enough in today’s world.

Operational Analytics in general and Datamin in particular is focused on fresh and hot data that was created just right now. And our main mission is to automate actions for such data rather than purely visualize it.
Why no-code?
Building data applications with Datamin doesn’t require any programming.

Not even writing code snippets with Pythor or R, and not even writing complex SQL queries.

Ok, unless you really need complex SQL queries or Python code, which we also easily allow you to write. Other than that, our sexy modern UI allows you to build use cases of any complexity with just drag&drop and configurations.
Expect Manage
your OKRs, KPIs, SLAs, customer metrics, and other expectations from data either generated by your applications or coming to you from 3rd-parties
Repeat Automate
repetitive manual job, data validations, analytical tasks, and business alerts
powerful services and data applications serving your daily needs without waiting for software engineers to program it
Waste Save
time of your engineers and the money of your organization. They all have better product tasks to focus on
Take a look at our detailed use cases
Finance and Payments
Get complete control of your payments, transactions, open banking data, PEP/Sanction checks, and KYC results
Security, Risk, and Anti-Fraud
Use Datamin as a dynamic layer for monitoring and reporting data incidents
E-commerce and Logistics
Automate your daily manual work with our powerful framework for monitoring and reporting
We integrate with
What industries is Datamin made for?
Any product where data change frequently in any ops-heavy or regulated industry can benefit from using Datamin. Meaning it is FinTech, Logistics, HealthTech, EnsuranceTech, E-commerce, Quick-commerce, Security, and Compliance. But not only.
Which departments can benefit from using Datamin?
Operations, Engineering, Data, Product, Revenue, Sales, and Customer success. So, absolutely, any department which wants to make decisions more data-driven.
How does the integration process with Datamin look like?
Pretty easy actually. Just connect Datamin to your source of data or data streaming software like Kafka, and start automating tasks using our powerful UI for workflows
Do I need to have the technical expertise to use Datamin?
Not at all. The only tech skills are required to connect Datamin to your data source. Afterwards the product is 100% no-code.
Is it possible to integrate Datamin into the existing software stack in the organization?
Yes, Datamin is designed to fit the existing data stack without a need to replace anything. More information is described in a separate article.
How about data security and compliance?
These answers can be found on a separate FAQ page in our documentation.
While reading this page you keep paying extra costs for non-automated data-driven tasks